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Weird SQL Server Error: Unable to Connect to Server. Reason: Server is in script upgrade mode

So I installed SQL Server 2008 SP1 on a test machine last week and, after doing other things for the past week, I came back to my SQL Server 2008 and started the service. I then tried to connect using Management Studio and, after a few seconds, I got this error:


Okay – so I read the line, “Only administrator can connect at this time” and tried connecting using a Dedicated Administrator Connection (DAC). After about 30 seconds, it came back with a generic timeout error.


I was truly flummoxed. And so I did what we all would do – I tried again and again (and received the same answers).

Okay… This is getting frustrating…

Quick – to the Google Mobile!

I did manage to find one article on Microsoft Connect (but don’t bother going there): Some posted that this is “by design” due to the fact that the “database state and log file location being unavailable during the upgrade…”'

And so I went back to my Management Studio and tried again – and it let me in!

So… If you came here because you googled about how you couldn’t get into your SQL Server after installing a service pack, just wait a few minutes and let the upgrade complete it’s work!  You’ll then be able to connect.

And, next time, Microsoft – please give us a little more helpful error message. It is April 14th here in the US, one day before taxes are due, and I’m late in filing already! I didn’t even remember that I had installed SP1 and had yet to connect lol.

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